Waterfowl Specialist offers incredible waterfowl hunting in the waterways of Southeast Louisiana which is part of Mississippi Flyway.  The St. Bernard, Louisiana marshes are the wintering homes to thousands of waterfowl including pintail, teal (green and blue winged), gadwall, widgeon, shoveler, redhead, mallards, bufflehead, scaup, and many others.

Duck Hunting

  • Blast & Cast $1000.00 group of two.
  • Teal Hunts: $150.00 per person [no minimum]
  • Fall/Winter – Duck Season – $250.00per person, minimum 2 people

*All hunts include a professional guide/caller, decoys and boat/blind

2019 – 2020 Duck season

Teal Season: Sept.14-29      

Fall/Winter: November 9 – December 8
December 21 – January 19